Zoom Session for Parents & Toddlers

Zoom Session for Parents & Toddlers

Olive Buckeridge, DSI Early Years Specialist runs a weekly Louth/Meath Zoom Session for Parents & Toddlers on Tuesday each week on Zoom.

The Session will run on Tuesdays at 11.15AM

The sessions are informal with lots of Singing, Signing and some Vocabulary and there is no limit on the numbers just that they are for Parents and Toddlers.

Olive want to stress that Parents can dip in and out of them and use them as a support.

The Log-In details will be sent out by email. If you do not receive the email please contact Brendan on secretarydslm@gmail.com to receive it.

Preschool Speech Sound Practice

Preschool Speech Sound Practice

Olive Buckeridge is running a Speech Practice Group for Pre School Children on Zoom.

These are not intervention groups they are an opportunity to practice speech sounds. They are very general and they do not replace speech therapy sessions.

Olive will be running this online speech group on Thursdays at 2pm which will focus on a different sound weekly.

(Please note this is not a speech and language therapy session)

The Log-In details will be sent out by email. If you do not received the email please contact Brendan on secretarydslm@gmail.com to receive it.

Each week Olive will be focusing on a different sound and Olive will sent a little workbook in advance.


Election 2020 takes place on February 8th. Candidates, if elected, will have the power to shape the future of Ireland. Let’s make it a future where all people are valued, fully participating citizens.

Read our 2020 General Election Manifesto here: http://bit.ly/2tqBAZt

We call on candidates to commit to improving the lives of people with Down syndrome and their families.

We ask that you help our campaign by using #DisabilityVotesCount




The First Big Step – Transition to Primary School conferences will benefit both parents, teachers, SNA’s and other professionals from the knowledge and expertise of the individual presenters and topics covered. As an attendee, you will gain an insight into the learning profile of a young child with Down syndrome and practical strategies to support them in the classroom environment.

We welcome all people who are part of the team supporting the student with Down syndrome, including parents, teachers, SNAs and other professionals

Topics to be covered at the conference may include:

▪️The Process of Transitioning to Primary School
▪️Choosing a school
▪️Additional supports
▪️Facilitating the transition to Primary School
▪️Early Primary Literacy
▪️Early Primary Numeracy
▪️Guest speakers will also present at the conferences from the following disciplines audiology, psychology and occupational therapy.

This conference will be held in a number of different locations over the coming months, our final dates are:

▪️February 8th: Down Syndrome Ireland, Ballymount, Dublin.
▪️February 28th: Great National Hotel, Ballina, Co.Mayo.
▪️March 14th: Clayton Silversprings Hotel, Cork.

Registration is at 9:30 am with the conference starting at 10 am – 4 pm.

To book your tickets, please visit our website here: http://bit.ly/2NUdcpV

For further details please contact our Early Years Specialist – Olive Buckeridge by email at olive@downsyndrome.ie

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Tons of Fun Tots welcomes an unexpected guest …

There was great excitement at the Tons of Fun Tots playgroup during its last session when a certain someone in a familiar red suit paid an unexpected visit to some of the youngest members of the DSI Louth Meath Branch.

We had a room full of excited boys and girls, all dressed up for Christmas, and ready to party with their teacher, Triona Cussen. We were practicing “good sitting” and singing some seasonal classics. All the boys and girls were attentively watching Triona demonstrate some Lámh signs along with the songs when who should come in the door  … only Santa Claus!

Practicing Good Sitting

Some of the children were very excited to meet the man himself while others were a little more hesitant but Santa made sure he had a little something for everyone in his sack.

Suffice to say it was a great morning and a wonderful lead up to the Christmas season.

A special word of thanks to Mickey Rooney and all the staff in St Mary’s GAA, Ardee as well as the transition year students from Ardee Community School. The Christmas party was a huge success, enjoyed by both the babies and parents alike.

A Happy Christmas to you all.

Tons of Fun Tots is a play & educational group based in Ardee for pre-school children with Down Syndrome. The group is suitable for babies/wobblers/toddlers from 6 months to preschool/school age. However, new mums/dads & younger babies are always welcome. The group is a formal, but fun-based, learning environment for infants and young children and introduces them to lots of songs and rhymes using Lámh which helps develop their social skills and build a close circle of friends. It is also a valuable resource for parents, providing an opportunity for them to see Lámh being used in a setting that is both informal and more importantly, fun.

For further information on Tons of Fun Tots, please contact:

Brendan Stephenson at secretarydslm@gmail.com or Andrea McArdle 086-3709831 https://dsilmb.ie/more/tons-of-fun-tots/

DSI Christmas Cards for 2019

The Branch has received its allocation of DSI Christmas Cards for 2019.

Cards are available for purchase from Brendan on secretarydslm@gmail.com, 083 8972044, Ellie on email elliecosgrove@hotmail.com, 087 6671393 or from any Committee Member.

Cards cost 
Member designed cards (4 designs per pack) in packs of 12 @ €6.00 per pack
Small box of 10 cards (1 design per box) @ €7.00 per pack
Small Cello Packs of 10 cards (1 design per pack) @ €7.00 per pack
* NEW * Christmas Bonus Box of 30 Assorted Cards (16cm square) @ €8.00 per pack

DSI Launches New Education Booklets

Down Syndrome Ireland are delighted to launch vital new resources for parents and teachers of children with Down syndrome in a variety of educational settings.

Our Supporting students with Down syndrome in post primary school booklet provides educators and parents alike with information and advise on how to help students with Down syndrome thrive in mainstream education settings.


There is information about Down syndrome, about the learning profile and about various issues which might interfere with a student’s ability to access the curriculum. Topics covered include literacy; numeracy; movement, sport and leisure; managing behaviour and social and emotional development. It also provides a pathway to Junior Cycle. With each chapter, there are suggestions of practical, manageable ways to help.

Our Supporting students with Down syndrome in special schools booklet provides parents and educators with information and advise on how to help students with Down syndrome thrive in special education settings. It also provides suggestions for intervention for children with a dual diagnosis of Down syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

The move from primary to post primary school can often be difficult for any student. For a student with Down syndrome, that bit of extra thought, planning and preparation will help ease this transition – to the benefit of both the new arrival and the school. Our Supporting Students with Down syndrome transition from primary to post primary school  booklet outlines some simple initiatives and practical steps teachers and parents can take to support students.

A very useful tool to help ease the transition from primary to post primary school is preparing a Getting Ready for Post Primary School – My Workbook. Print off this workbook and personalise it with information, pictures and other useful tips and it can be used to prepare students for the move.

All four resources were launched this week at the first of our six Managing Behaviour & Transitions for the Student with Down syndrome education conferences taking place around the country.  If you are interested in attending any of our upcoming conferences, please visit here.

The booklets were produced by Down Syndrome Ireland thanks to funds raised through our HB Fundays campaign with HB Hazelbook Farm.


CCSP Scheme update

It has been announced that the Government will be extending the CCSP scheme until August 2021. The Department of Children and Youth Affairs has confirmed that anyone registered at the close of the current registration window (October 25th) will be allowed to roll over into the following year.

The Government is also extending the maximum enhanced hours to 45 hours per week and maximum standard hours to 20 hours with effect from Sept 2020.

We’ll update you when we hear more.


Down Syndrome Ireland Talent Day Football Registration

Down Syndrome Ireland Talent Day Football Registration

Keeping fit and healthy is a fun thing to do. Refining your football skills by playing Football with peers, promises to lift the spirits and form lifetime friendships.

A unique opportunity has arisen for our Irish players with Down syndrome.

The Trisome Games 2020 are being held in Turkey from 31 March to 7 April – hosting teams with Down syndrome from over 50 countries in 8 sports.

Down Syndrome Ireland in association with the FAI, are considering entering a Futsal team to represent Ireland at this prestigious event.

For Ireland to be able to compete at an international level, we are looking for skilled, talented and athletic players. If you play football regularly and are 16 or over you are invited to complete the entry form in the link below and to attend one of the 4 open talent days listed below.