Funding Scheme

The Louth Meath Branch of Down Syndrome Ireland has a funding scheme for branch members. All paid-up members of Down Syndrome Ireland (DSI), Louth / Meath Branch are eligible to apply for inclusion on the Funding Scheme. The Funding Scheme will cover therapies, and sports / recreational activities that will benefit members with Down syndrome. Below is a list of therapies and activities that will be covered under the scheme. The list is not exhaustive and other therapies activities may be included on the list once they are of benefit to members with Down syndrome.

  • Speech & Language Therapy,
  • Occupational Therapy,
  • Physiotherapy
  • Behaviour Therapy
  • Neurodevelopmental Therapy
  • Counselling
  • Education Tuition.
  • Horse Riding
  • Swimming
  • Dancing
  • Music & Drama


Members can apply for an annual subsidy of up to €600 once they undertake fundraising on behalf of DSI, Louth / Meath Branch or are active committee members or are active members of the Branch (as detailed below)

A.) Members are required to participate in Branch organised fundraising events during the year.


B.) Organise a fundraising event that raises at least €400


Combination of both A and B

Active committee members are Branch Officers, Programme Coordinators or Members who attend at least 8 committee meetings per year.

Active Members of our Branch are members who volunteer to organise or help at Branch activities & events during the year.

(Note. Consideration will be given to previous years’ Branch Activity and Fundraising for the Funding Scheme for 2023)

As a branch we want the funding scheme to be accessible to all members who wish to avail of it. If you are not able to fulfil the criteria above at this time & still wish to avail of the funding scheme, please contact the secretary of the Louth/Meath branch with your application where your application will be treated in the strictest of confidence.


Members should submit completed application forms, receipts, and details of fundraising undertaken or committee duties carried out to the Branch Administrator before the end of January for therapies/activities that took place the previous year (activities/therapies that took place in 2023). The application should be made between 1st January. – 31st January 2024.) The Treasurer (who is a volunteer) will endeavour to process applications before the end of February. (Applications submitted after 31st January will be processed the following year)


Therapies / Tuition must be undertaken by a qualified & registered therapist or tutor. Receipts must be verifiable with the Therapist’s full name, address, qualification, date when therapy was received, therapist’s membership/qualification number and the nature of the therapy or activity received. If a member’s health insurance covers the cost of any/all of the therapies on the list, a claim should be made in the first instance against their insurance. Only the balance that is not covered by the Health Insurance can be claimed against the funding scheme.

Programmes and activities that are managed or organised by the Branch are excluded from inclusion in the Funding Scheme ex. Adult Literacy Programme, Speech & Drama.

The scheme (as with all programmes/schemes managed by DSI, Louth / Meath Branch) is administered on a completely voluntary basis by parents of children with Down syndrome.

When lodging funds please ensure that the name of the member with Down syndrome, is included on the lodgement slip.

Parents may be contacted directly should clarification be required regarding the application by a Funding Scheme Sub Committee member.

Misuse of the Funding Scheme will result in your application being cancelled & you may be prohibited from further participation in the future.


For more details, please contact:
083 8972044

Appeals regarding payment of subsidies must be made to the Chairperson: