Programme: Latch On and MOTE Adult

Down Syndrome Ireland’s Latch On and MOTE Adult Literacy Programmes are run through the local branch network. The programmes are taught by a qualified teacher who has been accredited to teach the programme. The teacher is assisted by one or two tutors, depending on the class size. The maximum number of students per class is 12. The Louth Meath branch runs classes according to demand. The branch is currently running a class in Athboy, Co. Meath. Previous classes have run in Navan and Drogheda. Typically classes run for 2 full days per week, 30 weeks per year for 2 years. Our Louth Meath students, having completed the initial 2 year Latch On programme, have opted for a third year in which they are undertaking the MOTE programme and some Latch On extension modules.

The Latch On Adult Literacy Programme was developed by the University of Queensland, Australia and brought to Ireland by Down Syndrome Ireland. The programme which has been designed specifically for adults with intellectual disabilities, provides opportunities for adults with Down syndrome to commence and/or continue their literacy development through a combination of technology and more traditional methods of literacy instruction. A unique feature of the Programme is that it has a strong foundation in educational research and practice. Research findings indicate that individuals with intellectual disabilities have achieved levels of literacy that were once regarded as unattainable. Such achievements have been possible because of an increased recognition of the need to maintain literacy as part of lifelong learning.

My Opinion, My Vote (MOTE) Programme is a European Project which aims to educate people with intellectual disabilities about active citizenship, political rights and how to form and express an informed opinion during local, national and European elections and referendums. Political decisions influence the lives of people with learning disabilities in the same way as they influence the lives of the general population. However, people with learning disabilities represent a group in society who are often excluded from the political process.

Latch On and MOTE form part of DSI’s new ABILITY programme, an educational and employment programme which will also include Work Skills and Interpersonal Skills modules.

The Adult Literacy Programme is subsidised by the Branch. For further information or to book a place on the programme, please contact:

Geraldine Regan
Adult Literacy Programme Co-ordinator
Phone: 087 8157542


Audrey O’Dowd
Adult Literacy Programme Co-ordinator
Phone: 086 0537177