Activities to Promote Communication

These activities are designed to promote your baby/toddler/child’s communication development. These activities can be easily carried out at home as each activity is nice and short. You can do one, some or all of these activities. You may choose to do them daily or weekly, it’s completely up to you!

All you need for these activities is a little bit of space and toys/objects that you have in the house.

Activities to Promote Communication 1

We are going to focus on eye-contact, naming, action songs, cause and effect and teaching some important songs – “Hello song” and “The Clean-up Song”.

Activities to Promote Communication 2

If you are still working through the previous activities, don’t worry, you can start the following activities when your child is ready. You can also start these activities if you need a change and are feeling demotivated! Follow your child’s lead.

Activities to Promote Communication 3

This week we will be focusing on positive interaction through song, taking turns, cooking and much more.